"Thanks again. You were very clear and helpful. I so appreciate this work you are doing – desperately needed." - Sue, Parent
"Right from our first tentative enquiry as a family, Dr Jackson really listened and upon completion of the assessment, our daughter's relief at having been genuinely heard was abundantly clear.
As we all read the report (which arrived in good time) our overwhelming feeling was that at last we had found someone with the experience to recognise the nature of our daughter's difficulties and the expertise to help us to move forward with hope." - Amanda, Parent
"The most positive occurrence during our protracted FASD journey has been to find Cassie. Her knowledge and understanding of the spectrum is second to none and her gentle, caring approach towards our Grandson, CJ, ensured his co-operation throughout her in-depth assessment.

Her detailed report describes his difficulties at length and how they impact on his life, and the implications for his future, and it identifies the support he needs to receive in order to reach his potential."

The post-assessment support has also proved invaluable. So much time has been wasted by not having this information sooner, and I sincerely hope that with the development of the Centre for FASD, others will have an easier route to diagnosis and support than we have had. CJ says "Cassie is kind". - Liz, Kinship Carer.